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Uvie Baby
21 May 2025 @ 02:29 pm


I've begun sharing Media again. Not much, but a little something here and there.

2K11 EDIT:
In order to see some topics in the "Media" area, you have to be friends with me (Don't worry...I pretty much befriend anybody). Other than that, little rambles of things will be free to see! Certain posts will have a certain time limit before it becomes locked. It will say so on the post.

Below is a more "profilic" vision of me. Read and weep, guys. 

Happy Trails!

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Uvie Baby
14 January 2025 @ 07:25 pm
04.19.11 -
Due to trojan attack and me resulting to wiping my HDD clean, it is unsure if I continue this, since mostly the files are now gone.

This is the "Rip N Cut" List! I know, what in the world is a "Rip N Cut" List!? Well, if you must know it's just a name... a clever name, eh? No??? Well, let's move on.

This list is a schedule of upcoming Concerts or Specials (such as a TV Concert, Festival, or Award Event) I plan to Rip (sometimes, most times I just find it online), Cut, then Upload!

Now, this will be a sticky. So, if you need to know what I've recently uploaded or completed, just check here!

Also, certain rules apply!
1) Please Don't Take My Links Without My Permission
2) Some Topics (Most of them) Will Be F-Locked!
3) No Requests, though I'm Sure I Won't Receive Any.

You got that?

Alright then!

Here's what's coming up next!

Continue OnCollapse )
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Uvie Baby
14 May 2011 @ 10:44 am
Every single time, without fell, whenever I go to any LJ, it always freezes or the internet connection will all of a sudden fail and I'd have to refresh the page 1-2 times before it displays!

I'm not a big complainer, I'd like to say, but it's annoying, really. XD Yeah, I'm still able to not be bothered by it, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has been having problems like this? It's only been since I upgraded to IE9 (which was about two weeks ago) that this has been happening, thus my title post!

Then again it could just be livejournal. Anyways, I'm tired. Plan to go right back to sleep like... right now. LOL.
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Uvie Baby
19 April 2011 @ 03:27 pm
I had a Trojan / Rootkit hit my Laptop recently!!!

And where I had not backed up a majority of my 2011 files, they are now lost. It was such a terrible decision, but thanks to the bastards who unleashed this annoying demon on me and me being so desperate of having my PC back to normal and refusing not to have a computer specialist duke it out, I downloaded this nice little program called 'SanityCheck' and it did such a great job!!!... by locking me out my damn PC! Yes, these S.O.S.s' ('Sons of Sluts') would not let me even go into safe mode. Not even the damn rootkit did that!!!

Errrrrrrrghhhhhhh! It makes me so mad! Now all~ my files that I had download from the 2nd of Feb. of this year is GONE! EVERYTHING! I MEAN, EVERYTHING! Gosh, it hurts...

So, now I'm not sure how I'm going to upload because most of my files that was on that list are now gone. Yeah... Sux.
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Uvie Baby
23 January 2011 @ 04:19 pm
Do not ever, EVER go bridal shopping with "the" main attraction: the bride.


It was a damn, sloppy mess. A waste of time, really.  And I've never heard so much screameing in my life.

My sis is gettin' married and she's a nervous wreck - not because of "marriage," but because of the "wedding."

I know it's a "once in your lifetime" thing, but is it really that important, ladies?

I'm a tomboy in alot of ways (not a complete one), thus the idea of a "wedding" has never... been in my mind.

But, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's horrible! And they're forcing me to be a bridesmaid by making me feel guilty for all the caring things she has did for me, dammit!

Mmmhmm. I said it, too. "Blackmail."
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Uvie Baby
20 January 2011 @ 04:36 pm

Snowed in today.

And it's still snowing.

I hate but I love these days. Traveling anywhere is damn near risky, however it's always so pretty out. It makes you forget about how ugly the world is sometimes. It's just very calming.

However, I'm kinda lacking in my piggy bank. :( Because of the snow, where I work, we've been getting little business thus we're (the workers) getting less hours. Really cutting an hour or two from your paycheck is horrendous! And it makes a difference!

If only I were rich.

Maybe I should play that PCH sweepstake.

But * gasp * have you heard!? w-inds. is releasing a 'Decade Box!' It's a DVD that'll contain their concert from December 18th of last year on there (according to CDJAPAN). May cop that. I'm really interested in w-inds. I just love them so so much, lol. So talented.

Meh, let's see. I only updated because I don't want to be lazy and stop updating already.

Currently, I'm working on the 12012 DVD of their tour "hide & seek." Should be on here soon. Remember, you have to be a friend. XD

And that concludes my little post.

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Uvie Baby
12 January 2011 @ 06:15 pm
Look at the top / main / sticky post!

It's different. Yeah. Just wanted to post that, 'cuz that's what I do: stupid things.

And also to tell you that LJ and LJ-Cut can both fuck themselves! Really!? Am I the only one who can't do a LJ cut!?

"Asses!" That's all I gots to say.

Added a new tag, too. "Rant."

EDITED, Jan.15.11:

Never mind. I forgot that I had to do the </lj-cut> thing at the end. Damn. My bad, LJ. My apologies. Ya'll still suck, though!
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Uvie Baby
Well, I've been on LJ for over an hour updating! Finding and selecting a new layout, as well as Icons.

I realized, that this isn't... well, it's not hard, but it takes time! This is the reasons why I kinda quit the LJ thing (other than me being busy, that is). Really, all the Icons I found are from null and void users who's last update was in '08, so I didn't even comment (I'm sorry, but I was so busy trying to get things done), so I only commented on the LJ accounts that were still active.

And if you notice, all the icons are so random....

Real Random...

But it's what I luv...

So, I plan to comeback. Seriously.

And I'm gonna make a change or two here... Maybe...


I'm gonna update! Yea, uploading! Since that's what I do the best...

I'm also going to make my friends page (the first post) different. That's where you'll see the change... or two.

But not today. I'm ready to go to sleep. And I'm thirsty as a mug, ya'll.
In my profile, you can see that my location is different; I live in TN, now, not IL. Most people probably think that we see no snow down here, but... we do. Which means no school! :)But still, I gotta work :(

Neways, I'll see ya soon.
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Uvie Baby
11 July 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Yes. Maybe.

I want to become active again.
Since I'm out of school for the summer break, and work has been decreasing steadily (I think we're all about to get laid off. Thx recession!), I may have time to lurk around and post in my LJ. Yesh... an update may be a-coming soon.

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Uvie Baby
16 May 2009 @ 01:51 pm
Alright, I've been slightly lazy w/ updating my LJ. I promise I'll start again w/ the uploading and randomness soon.

You: "Promise?"
Me: "Promise."

Anyways, I'll like to announce that I changed my layout! I missed having a sidebar...lol. And I decided to make a banner w/ 2EN1 since I'm really lovin' "Fire" at the moment. hahaha. It's a good thing...

Anyways, stay tune for more updates! XD
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